Saturday, September 21, 2013

Pink & Gold Princess Party

These are pictures from a pink and gold princess party photo shot I did. I have seen a lot beautiful pink ombre princess parties on various blogs and websites, which had given me a lot of great ideas so I knew it was time to put those ideas into action.  I also love glitter and wanted to add a little sparkle to the party as well. 

The first thing I did for this party was make the gold crown cupcake toppers. I made the cupcake toppers by cutting crowns out of plain computer paper. I then painted the paper with gold paint and then added glitter to the wet gold paint. I also created gold glitter mason jars, which I made by applying mod podge to the mason jars and then applied glitter to the mod podge. 

I also made a tissue paper tassel garland with gold and different shades of pink tissue paper. I followed this tutorial: to learn how to make the tassels. I then added the tassels to white ribbon. I also made a cake topper by using two pink stripped straws and then added some gold and pink bunting to the straws. This was the one craft project that didn't work out as perfectly as I had hoped it would. The ribbon would not stick to the straws and the bunting didn't stay as straight as I wanted. I definitely will have to keep experimenting to get the cake bunting perfect.

Now for the delicious baked goods! I made cupcakes with pink frosting, a cake with pink ombre frosting, pink cake pops on pink stripped straws, star sugar cookies, pink ombre mini cakes, macaroons that I got from Trader Joe's and pink pudding that I served with pink jewel studded spoons. I decided to put the star sugar cookies on cake pop sticks in order to make the cookies look like princess wands. I made the mini cakes by dividing cake batter into separate bowls and adding food coloring to the different bowls so that the batter was different shades of pink. Once the cakes where baked and cooled I used a 2" round cookie cutter to make the cake into circles. For the pink ombre cake I divided white frosting into different bowls and then added food coloring to make the frosting different shades of pink. I then added the darkest frosting to the bottom of the cake and added the lighter shades to the top of the cake.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Olympics Treats

Now that the 2012 Olympic Games have officially started I wanted to share some fun treats inspired by the olympics. 

2. My creation: Betty Crocker vanilla cake mix cupcakes, vanilla frosting and toothpicks with flags. 

Monday, July 23, 2012

Summer Party Menu

My parent's had friends over for dinner the other night and here is the menu I helped them develop. Everything turned out very well and looked pretty.

My parents served tortilla chips along with guacamole, regular salsa and corn and chile salsa from Trader Joe's (I have mentioned this salsa in previous blog posts). We also had pretzel crisps and carrots. Very simple, but the different types of salsa looked very pretty together. We also served Jose Cuervo Cranberry Margaritas with appetizers.

 New York Strip Steaks: I found a marinade on all-recipes titled "best steak marinade in existence," which is what my dad ended up using on the steaks.

        Side Dishes:



We served brownies, which we made from Trader Joe's Truffle Chocolate Chip Brownie Mix. We also had coconut ice cream, which we put alongside the brownies.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Lemonade Bar

I have been noticing a lot of pictures of lemonade "bars" and I think they are a wonderful idea for any outdoor party. Serving different types of lemonade in glass drink dispensers looks pretty and is an easy way to add a special touch to your party. Here are some pictures of well-done lemonade "bars" and also information about where you can buy nice looking glass drink dispensers.

Picture courtesy of: Lucy Dylan Weddings

Picture courtesy of:

Glass Drink Dispensers:

Pottery Barn

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Breakfast bar Ideas

Breakfast bars have become a popular trend for baby showers, bridal showers and even weddings! Here are some beautifully executed breakfast bars.

Charming Farmhouse Brunch Baby Shower from Hostess With The Mostess

Pancake Bar from

                                               Mimosa Bar from

Crepe Bar for

Sunday, July 8, 2012

4 Ways To Use Mason Jars As Part Of Your Party Decor

1. Strawberry Moonshine Julep from
2. Flowers in mason jars from
3. Rainbow cake in mason jar from
4.Candle in mason jar from

Where to buy Mason Jars:

Fishs Eddy ($1.80) 

Monday, July 2, 2012

Thank You Blogging Your Way 2.0

These past 4 weeks I have had the pleasure of taking blogging your way 2.0, an online class that discusses blog techniques. The class has been an absolute incredible experience. I have learned so much from Holly, Jeanette, Katrina, Thorsten & Nicole. Blogging Your Way has drastically improved my blog layouts. From Katrina I have learned how to create borders around  pictures and how to make cute photo labels, which are great ways to add visual interest to blog posts. While all the Blogging Your Way lectures were great the lesson that resonated with me the most was when Holly shared her story. I admire Holly's decision to leave her corporate life and follow her passion to write about interior design. Holly’s passion for interior design has served as the inspiration for her extremely successful blog décor 8 and she has also written a best selling book, which proves how important it is to do what makes you happy. Holly's message to follow your heart and listen to your gut seems obvious, but sometimes you need that message reiterated every now and again to motivate you to make necessary changes to your life.  

Holly's message really resonated with me because for the past few months I have been mulling over a concept for a blog geared towards people in their 20's. Before hearing Holly's lesson I had not taken any steps towards taking my concept and making an actual blog because I felt intimated.  I felt that my writing ability and graphic design skills were not strong enough to communicate my concept adequately. After hearing Holly's lesson I realized that as long as I had confidence in my self and was writing about things I was passionate about I could create wonderful content that I  could be proud of and hopefully inspire others. As a result of Holly's lesson I have now created a template for how I would like my blog  to look and I have also created layouts for three different blog posts. I am so happy with how everything is turning out and now I truly feel that my blog concept could become something truly special that would be a valuable resource for people in their 20’s. I am so happy Holly helped me get over my fears and inspired me to start making my blog dream  into a reality.